Hello world!

The other day I had this conversation with my friend Becca (of Hello Beezy)

me: is it weird that I’ve been daydreaming about courses I want to teach?

Rebecca: no
i’ve done tat
me: awesome
12:19 PM I think the intersection of literature and culture is really interesting
like, I would totally teach a class on bloggers
and internet celebrity
and how they are shaping the cultural discourse
or the globalization of literature
Rebecca: that sounds awesome
12:20 PM or neruda? 🙂
me: ahhh neruda
le amo
so the film il postino is a perfect example of the globalization of literature
Rebecca: yes
12:21 PM me: or the classic production of midsummer night’s dream performed in communist prague
or hell, 7th graders in mississippi reading chinua achebe
maybe not 7th graders
12:22 PM certainly 10th graders
12:23 PM I’m sure that kid in mississippi who likes the book has a completely different experience than a Nigerian immigrant kid in paris
also, this is why I should probably start a blog
Rebecca: totally
12:24 PM me: hang on have to go pee and heat up my lunch
So there you go.
Way to end on a classy note, me.

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